Providing professional organization for both home and office

Charm City Organizers Helps:

Office Professionals

You have a busy day from the time you wake up until you fall asleep at night. We can help busy professionals keep it all running smoothly. Learn more…

Busy Parents, Kids & Teens

So many, appointments, activities, and assignments! Chores, housework, and regular work. Let us help you get it all organized. We have methods and systems that work! Find out more.

Seniors & Downsizing

Facing the reality of a room or two where stuff has accumulated over the years? It can be overwhelming. We can help you determine how to repurpose that space or downsize and move. Learn more…

Packrats & Collectors

Accumulation happens for a lot of reasons. We get it and you’re not alone. Let us explore the options and solutions with you. Read more…


Two working adults. Two homes full of stuff…and trying to squeeze it all into one. We can help you compromise and create the home you both desire. Let us help out…

In Life’s Transitions

During death, divorce and job loss, in life’s most trying times, we have the resources and methods that can make the process far less challenging and stressful…learn more.

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Simply put, we help people de-clutter their spaces and schedules. We have a passion for a clean room, a new space and a great system.  But we don’t just clean a room, we introduce individualized systems that help our clients maintain that clutter-free and organized existence for years to come.

header_doineedorg.fwIf you’re curious about whether or not you need a professional organizer, or maybe a consultation to start off on the right track, answer each of the following questions honestly.

When I walk into the house…

a. I usually step over or on a pile of shoes, work stuff, bookbags, sports gear, etc. and am so frustrated by this every day. Will it ever get better?

b. I’d love (and love others in the house) to hang my coat immediately, put my shoes, purse, gym bag, etc, exactly where they belong… but it’s not realistic with my schedule and lifestyle. I’ll get to it over the weekend….maybe.

c. I usually step over or on a pile of shoes, work stuff, bookbags, sports gear, etc. but it’s because everyone else entering the home isn’t using the hooks, closet, bins, etc. that I created for the stuff. I put MY stuff away. Take the complete quiz!

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